Investigations on Gas Flow in Cracked Granite Samples

M.C. He, C.G. Wang, J.L. Feng, L.R. Sousa


Soils and Rocks, São Paulo, 37(1): 73-84, January-March, 2014 | PDF


In the case of rock-fluids interaction, numerous studies have mainly focused on field and numerical simulations regarding the existence of toxic gases and investigations about the possibility of gas burst. This paper is related to the development of experimental investigations for granite formations on samples obtained from Creighton mine, Sudbury, Canada. An experimental methodology was developed for intact samples submitted to uniaxial compression for a certain level of temperature, with the monitoring of gas releasing from the rock. A detailed description of the rock-gas interaction apparatus is made. The rock cores were obtained at 2,400 m deep from the mine and results from a sample are presented, as well as theoretical assumptions are discussed. Finally, some conclusions about the investigations on pre-existing fluids in fractured rocks are presented.

Submitted on September 11, 2012; Final Acceptance on January 30, 2014; Discussion open until July 31, 2014.