A Contingency Solution using Jet Grouting Barrier for a Dam under Risk of Piping in Brazil

S.M. Ludemann, R.S. Garcia, M.G.T. Barbosa, A.L.B. Cavalcante


Soils and Rocks, São Paulo, 41(1): 17-31, January-April, 2018 | PDF


During routine inspection works in 2006 inspectors found resurgences of water at the toe of a small embankment dam named “Ribeirão do Gama”, located at Brasília – DF. After technical visits, geotechnical engineers characterized these groundwater leakages as a piping process at an early stage. Intervention only began in 2015 due to obstacles that occasionally happen in public works. In consequence, the piping problem worsened. A geotechnical consultancy was contracted to design a solution. After analysis of field conditions, the consultancy decided to build overlapping columns by the Jet Grouting method. This paper presents a case study of the project and works treatment, detailing its design, construction, and monitoring.

Submitted on April 13, 2017; Final Acceptance on January 31, 2018; Discussion open until August 31, 2018. DOI: 10.28927/SR.411017