Laboratory Parameters of a Soft Soil Deposit in Macaé, Brazil

L.M.M. Póvoa, P.N.C. Nascimento, P.C.A. Maia


Soils and Rocks, São Paulo, 41(1): 3-16, January-April, 2018 | PDF


This article presents the geotechnical parameters from a laboratory investigation of a Quaternary sedimentary deposit located in a low-lying area of Macaé, Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Brazil, and, when possible, compares these parameters with those from field tests and other Brazilian studies on soft soils. The deposit is described in terms of its geological origin, physical, chemical and mineralogical characterization, compressibility, consolidation and strength. To that end, a series of laboratory tests were performed, including physical, chemical and mineralogical characterization, conventional and special consolidation, and triaxial tests. The results obtained made it possible to determine the geotechnical properties considered essential for improving knowledge on the behavior of this layer. Differences between laboratory and field parameters were observed, and the geotechnical characteristics of the Macaé deposits were found to be similar to those of other Brazilian soft soils.

Submitted on January 3, 2017; Final Acceptance on January 31, 2018; Discussion open until August 31, 2018. DOI: 10.28927/SR.411003