Data Extrapolation Method for The Dynamic Increasing Energy Test: SEM-CASE

E.C. Alves, M.M. Sales, P.M.F. Viana


Soils and Rocks, São Paulo, 39(2): 177-187, May-August, 2016 | PDF


The dynamic increasing energy test has been widely used in pile load tests in Brazil in recent years. However, the ultimate strength of the single-foundation system is not mobilized in most of the tests because of various factors. In some cases, the equipment available cannot attain the necessary kinetic energy, or the structural element presents initial imperfections/ruptures. In this study, the authors present a method for extrapolating the mobilized static resistance vs. maximum displacement curve, which is obtained using the dynamic increasing energy test (DIET). Using the force and velocity signals collected by the PDA (Pile Driving Analyzer) system, it is possible to calculate the resistance and displacement by applying the Simplified CASE Method. An extrapolation method, the Simplified Extrapolation Method of the CASE Method (SEM-CASE), is presented based on the results of twenty-one precast concrete pile load tests that have been carried out in different soils. The estimated values of the ultimate complementary energy and ultimate strength were very close to the measured values in the presented load tests.

Submitted on July 15, 2015; Final Acceptance on March 3, 2016; Discussion open until December 30, 2016.