Recent Issues


Year 2011

Issue No. 1: January – April


Effects of the Construction Method on Pile Performance: Evaluation by instrumentation.
Part 1: Experimental Site at the State University of Campinas
Paulo José Rocha de Albuquerque, Faiçal Massad, Antonio Viana da Fonseca, David de Carvalho, Jaime Santos, Elisabete Costa Esteves

Effects of the Construction Method on Pile Performance: Evaluation by instrumentation.
Part 2: Experimental Site at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto
Paulo José Rocha de Albuquerque, Faiçal Massad, Antonio Viana da Fonseca, David de Carvalho, Jaime Santos, Elisabete Costa Esteves

Evaluation on the Use of Alternative Materials in Geosynthetic Clay Liners
P.M.F. Viana, E.M. Palmeira, H.N.L. Viana

CPT and T-bar Penetrometers for Site Investigation in Centrifuge Tests
M.S.S. Almeida, J.R.M.S. Oliveira, H.P.G. Motta, M.C.F Almeida, R.G. Borges

Technical Note:

The Influence of Laboratory Compaction Methods on Soil Structure:
Mechanical and Micromorphological Analyses
Flavio A. Crispim, Dario Cardoso de Lima, Carlos Ernesto Gonçalves Reynaud Schaefer, Claudio Henrique de Carvalho Silva, Carlos Alexandre Braz de Carvalho, Paulo Sérgio de Almeida Barbosa, Elisson Hage Brandão

Issue No. 1: May – August


Kinetic Mass transfer Model for Contaminant Migration in Soils
Adriana de Souza Forster Araújo, Izabella Christynne Ribeiro Pinto Valadão, José Adilson de Castro, Alexandre José da Silva, Elizabeth Ritter

A Study on Effects of MSW Fiber Content and Solid Particles Compressibility on its Shear Strength Using a Triaxial Apparatus
Sandro Lemos Machado, Mehran Karimpour-Fard

Log-Term Efficiency os Zero-Valent Iron – Pumice Granular Mixtures for the Removal os Copper or Nickel From Groundwader
N.Moraci, P.S. Calabrò, P. Suraci

Back Analysis of a Landslide in a residual Soils Slope in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Denise Maria Soares Gerscovich, Eurípedes do Amaral Vargas Jr., Tacio Moura Pereira de Campos

Technical Note

Settlement of Floating Bored Piles in Brasília Porous Clay
W.Patrick Stewart, Renato P. Cunha, Neusa M. B. Mota

Case History

Evaluation os Rockfall Hazard Along Brazil Roads
Guilherme José Cunha Gomes, Frederico Garcia Sobreira, Milene Sabino Lana

Year 2010

Issue No. 1: January-March


Deep Rock Foundations of Skyscrapers
L. Ribeiro e Sousa, David Chapman, Tiago Miranda
Theoretical and Experimental Evaluation of the Influence of the Length of Drill Rods in the SPT-T Test
Anna Silvia Palcheco Peixoto, Luttgardes de Oliveira Neto, Valéria Borin Antenor
Influence of Geogrid Geometrical and Mechanical Properties on the Performance of Reinforced Veneers
Helber N.L. Viana, Ennio M. Palmeira


Determination of Depth Factors for the Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations in Sand
Armando Nunes Antão, Mário Vicente da Silva, Nuno M. da Costa Guerra

Issue No. 2: May- August


Assessment of Long-Term Settlement Prediction Models for Municipal Solid Wastes Disposed
in an Experimental Landfill
Gustavo Ferreira Simões, Cícero Antonio Antunes Catapreta
Hydraulic Conductivity and Shear Strength Behavior of Compacted Lateritic Soil-Bentonite Mixtures Used for Sanitary Landfill Liners
Juliana Azoia Lukiantchuki, Edmundo Rogério Esquivel
Numerical Assessment of an Imperfect Pile Group with Defective Pile both at Initial and Reinforced Conditions
Renato P. Cunha, Ary F.B. Cordeiro, Maurício M.M. Sales


Evolution of the Mechanical Properties of a Tropical Soil Stabilized with Lime and Ash of Rice Rind
Marco Antônio de Morais Alcantara, Lucas Pereira dos Santos, Dario Cardoso de Lima


The use of a High-Capacity Tensiometer for Determining the Soil Water Retention Curve Claudio Fernando Mahler, Ronaldo Luiz dos Santos Izzo

Issue No. 3: September-December


Deep Urban Excavations in Portugal: Practice, Design, Research and Perspectives
Manuel de Matos Fernandes


Municipal Solid Waste Sanitary Landfill Compressibility Study with Linear Regression Application
Luciana Paulo Gomes, Marcelo Oliveira Caetano
Time-Dependent Behaviour of a Shallow Tunnel in Overconsolidated Clay
Mafalda Lopes Laranjo, Jorge Almeida e Sousa, Paulo Venda Oliveira
Geo-Environmental Investigation: A Brief Review and a Few Suggestions for Brazilian Contaminated Sites
Giulliana Mondelli, Heraldo Luiz Giacheti, John A. Howie


The Use of Fuzzy Sets in the Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Earth Dam Reinforcement
Fernando Saboya Jr., Jair Ferreira de Resende Filho

Year 2009

Issue No. 1: January-April


Three Dimensional Finite Element Analysis and Back-analysis of CFA Standard Pile Groups
and Piled Rafts Founded on Tropical Soil
Tomás Janda, Renato Pinto da Cunha, Pavel Kuklík, Gérson Miranda dos Anjos
Experimental Investigation of Mechanical Damage in Geogrids
Ana Cristina C.F. Sieira, Alberto S.F.J. Sayão
Geo-Engineering Education and Training. The Past and the Future
Ricardo Oliveira
Quality Index in the Environmental Management System in Urban Solid Waste Landfills – IQS
Claudio Fernando Mahler, Saulo Machado Loureiro


Slope Failure Reanalysis of a Dilatant Dense Sand from CPTU and Laboratory Tests
U.F.A. Karim, A. Menkveld


Victor Froilano Bachmann de Mello (1926-2009)
Luiz Guilherme de Mello
Messages from ABMS, ABGE and SPG

Issue No. 2: May-July


Vulnerability of Rockfill Dams to Seismic Hazard
António A. Veiga Pinto
Effects of an Abutment Construction on Soft Soil on a Neighbouring Structure: Influence of Different Construction Techniques Using Geosynthetics
Íris L. Macêdo, Ennio M. Palmeira, Gregório L.S. Araújo
Sub-Bases Layers of Residual Granite Soil Stabilised with Lime
Nuno Cristelo, Stephanie Glendinning, Said Jalali


The Use of a High Capacity Tensiometer for Determining the Soil Water Retention Curve
Fernando A.M. Marinho, Paula F. Teixeira


Laboratory Behaviour of Rio de Janeiro Soft Clays. Part 1: Index and Compression Properties
Kátia Vanessa Bicalho, Reno Reine Castello, Ian Schumann Marques Martins, Paulo Eduardo Lima de Santa Maria, Flavia Cristina Martins de Santa Maria

Issue No. 3: August-December


An Experimental Study on Scale Effects in Rock Mass Joint Strength
Manuel J.A. Leal Gomes, Carlos Dinis da Gama
Modeling the Influence of Biodegradation on Sanitary Landfill Settlements
Sandro Lemos Machado, Miriam de Fátima Carvalho, Orencio Monje Vilar
Benzene Concentration in the Phases of Tropical Soils
Wisley Moreira Farias, Éder de Souza Martins, Eraldo Luporini Pastore, Patrícia F. Lootens Machado, Inês Sabioni Resck


Grouting of TBM Rock Tunnel for the Pinalito Hydroelectric Plant, Dominican Republic
Marcos Eduardo Hartwig

Year: 2008

Issue No. 1: January-April


Engineering Geological Properties of the Volcanic Rocks and Soils of the Canary Islands
Luis I. González de Vallejo, Teresa Hijazo, Mercedes Ferrer
Some Applications of Linear Viscoelasticity to Problems of Consolidation under Variable Loading
Paulo Eduardo Lima de Santa Maria, Flávia Cristina Martins de Santa Maria, Ian Schumann Marques Martins
Laboratory Study on the Mobility of Heavy Metals in Residual Compacted Soil
Rejane Nascentes, Izabel Christina Duarte de Azevedo, Antonio Teixeira de Matos, Maurício Paulo Ferreira Fontes, Roberto Francisco de Azevedo, Lucas Martins Guimarães
Analytical Solution for Luscher’s Problems on Two-Layer Consolidation
Paulo Ivo Braga de Queiroz, Delma de Mattos Vidal

Issue No. 2: May-August


A Partial Review of Barry Cooke and James Sherard 1987 Papers on Concrete Face Rockfill Dams (CFRD)
Paulo T. Cruz


Laboratory Behaviour of Rio de Janeiro Soft Clays. Part 1: Index and Compression Properties
Márcio de Souza Soares de Almeida, Marcos Massao Futai, Willy Alvarenga Lacerda, Maria Esther Soares Marques
Laboratory Behaviour of Rio de Janeiro Soft Clays. Part 2: Strength and Yield
Marcos Massao Futai, Márcio de Souza Soares de Almeida, Willy Alvarenga Lacerda
Soil Landslide Risk Charts of the Urban Area of Ponte Nova-MG
Pedro Paulo Natali, Dario Cardoso de Lima, Eduardo Antonio Gomes Marques, Maria Lucia Calijuri, Benedito de Souza Bueno, Fernando Alves Pinto, Tiago Pinto da Trindade
Mineralogical Characteristics of “Entablature” and “Colonnade” Basalt Occurrences in the Northern Portion of the Paraná Basin, Brazil
Ronaldo Lima Gomes, José Eduardo Rod