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Volume 43, N. 2, April-June 2020

Cover and Contents


Application of Grouting Intensity Number in Spillway Foundation at Jirau HPP/RO
M.B. Lopes, A.P. Assis     171
DOI:  10.28927/SR.432171

A Laboratory Study of the Collapse Behaviour of a Compacted Sabkha Soil
O.Y. Debbab, B. Moussai, A. Messad    181
DOI:  10.28927/SR.432181

Hydromechanical Behavior of Soil with Tire Fibers
A.C. Silva, S. Fucale, S.R.M. Ferreira     191
DOI:  10.28927/SR.432191

Bottom Reinforcement in Braced Excavations: Coupled Analysis and New Method for Basal-Heave Stability Study
J.L. Borges, R.M. Santos     199
DOI:  10.28927/SR.432199

Relationship Between Shear Wave Velocity and Piezocone Penetration Tests on the Brazilian Continental Margin
R.G. Borges, L.O. Souza Junior, M.C.F. Almeida, M.S.S. Almeida     219
DOI:  10.28927/SR.432219

Geogrid Mechanical Damage Caused by Recycled Construction and Demolition Waste (RCDW): Influence of Grain Size Distribution
M.L. Domiciano, E.C.G. Santos, J. Lins da Silva     231
DOI:  10.28927/SR.432231

Numerical Investigations on Seismic Bearing Capacity of Interfering Strip Footings
R. Boufarh, D. Saadi, M.S. Laouar     247
DOI:  10.28927/SR.432247


Drained and Undrained Behavior of an Aeolian Sand from Natal, Brazil
P.L. Souza Junior, O.F. Santos Junior, T.B. Fontoura, O. Freitas Neto     263
DOI:  10.28927/SR.432263

Effects of Hydraulic Gradient Variation on the Structure and Strength of a Compacted Tropical Soil
W.G. Silva, H.N. Pitanga, T.O. Silva, S.L.S. Dias Neto, D.C. Lima, T.P. Trindade     271
DOI:  10.28927/SR.432271

Physicochemical Modifications in Geomaterials and Their Leachates Extracted from Acidic Attack
S.T. Ferrazzo, R.S. Tímbola, L. Bragagnolo, E. Prestes, E.P. Korf, P.D.M. Prietto, G.D.L.P. Vargas     279
DOI:  10.28927/SR.432279

Sample Quality Assessment: Comparison Between Brass Shelby Tubes and Reinforced PVC Tube Samplers
A.V. Abreu, M.S.S. Almeida     287
DOI:  10.28927/SR.432287


Influence of Weathering and Correlations Between Wave Propagation Velocity and Durability with Physical and Mechanical Parameters in Phyllites
T.R.R. Carvalho, M.F. Leão, E.A.G. Marques     297
DOI:  10.28927/SR.432297

Volume 43, N. 2 – complete issue (cover to cover)

Volume 43, N. 1, January-March 2020

Cover and Contents


Orientational Analysis of the Vesic’s Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations
L.F. dos Santos, A.C. de Freitas      3
DOI:  10.28927/SR.431003

Experimental Study of the Group Effect on the Bearing Capacity of Bored Piles in Sandy Soil
J. Melchior Filho, V.H.F. Bonan, A.S. Moura    11
DOI:  10.28927/SR.431011

Swelling Research of Expansive Soil Under Drying-Wetting Cycles: A NMR Method
G.F. Wei, J.G. Dong   21
DOI:  10.28927/SR.431021

Residual Shear Strength of a Residual Soil of Granulite
M. Heidemann, L.A. Bressani, J.A. Flores    31
DOI:  10.28927/SR.431031

Triaxial Compression Test on Consolidated Undrained Shear Strength Characteristics of Fiber Reinforced Soil
T.S. Hou, J.L. Liu, Y.S. Luo, Y.X. Cui    43
DOI:  10.28927/SR.431043

Mapping of Geological-Geotechnical Risk of Mass Movement in an Urban Area in Rio Piracicaba, MG, Brazil
L.E. Assis, E.A.G. Marques, C.A. Lima, S.J.M.C. Menezes, L.A. Roque    57
DOI:  10.28927/SR.431057

Landslide Susceptibility Mapping of Highway Slopes, Using Stability Analyses and GIS Methods
A.M.L. Craig, O. Augusto Filho    71
DOI:  10.28927/SR.431071

Pullout Testing of Soil Nails in Gneissic Residual Soil
A.C.N.B. Arêdes, E.A.G. Marques, A.H.C. Oliveira    85
DOI:  10.28927/SR.431085

Sustainable Remediation: A New Way of Thinking the Contaminated Sites Management
A.B. Braun, A.W.S. Trentin, C. Visentin, A. Thomé    97
DOI:  10.28927/SR.431097

Prediction of Compression Index of Soft Soils from the Brazilian Coast Using Artificial Neural Networks and Empirical Correlations
A.G. Oliveira Filho, L.B. Totola, K.V. Bicalho, W.H. Hisatugu    109
DOI:  10.28927/SR.431109

Tunnel Misalignment with Geostatic Principal Stress Directions in Anisotropic Rock Masses
O.P.M. Vitali, T.B. Celestino, A. Bobet    123
DOI:  10.28927/SR.431123


A Model of Energy Dissipation for the Mode of Rupture of Shallow Foundations in Sandy Soils
L.F. dos Santos, A. Saraiva, A.C. de Freitas    141
DOI:  10.28927/SR.431141

Circular Footing on Geocell-Reinforced Granular Residue from Precious Gem Processing over a Sand Beds
J. Favretto, G.D. Miguel, M. Donato, M.F. Floss   151
DOI:  10.28927/SR.431151

Modifications in the Chemical and Mineralogical Composition of Compacted Mature Residual Soil Submitted to the Percolation of Acidic Leachates
E.P. Korf, P.D.M. Prietto, A.A. Silveira, C. Ulsen, N.C. Consoli, L. Bragagnolo   159
DOI:  10.28927/SR.431159

Volume 43, N. 1 – complete issue (cover to cover)

Volume 42, N. 3, September-December 2019

Cover and Contents


Static and Seismic Pile Foundation Design by Load Tests and Calculation Models (3rd Dr. Victor de Mello Goa Lecture)
P. S. Sêco e Pinto      211
DOI:  10.28927/SR.423211

Evaluation of Sample Quality and Correction of Compressibility and Strength Parameters-Experience with Brazil Soft Soils
M.I.M.C.V. Bello, R.Q. Coutinho, A.S. Norberto    245
DOI:  10.28927/SR.423245

Performance Evaluation of Rigid Inclusion Foundations in the Reduction of Settlements
J.F.R. Rebolledo, R.F.P. León, J. Camapum De Carvalho   265
DOI:  10.28927/SR.423265

Microstructural Characterization of Siltstone and Sandstone Pore Space by X-Ray Microtomography
J.S. Fernandes, C.R. Appoloni, C.P. Fernandes    281
DOI:  10.28927/SR.423281

An Alternative Approach to the Executive Control of Root Piles
F.F. Monteiro, A.S. Moura, M.F.P. Aguiar    289
DOI:  10.28927/SR.423289

Evaluating the Adsorptive Capacity of Aluminoferric Red Oxisol in Reducing the Availability of 2,4-Dichlorofenoxiacetic Acid
D.P. Baldissarelli, D.P. Siqueira, A. Dervanoski, M. Morais, L. Galon, E.P. Korf, G.D.L.P. Vargas    301
DOI:  10.28927/SR.423301

3D Finite Element Analysis of Diaphragm Wall Construction Stages in Sand
R.A. Abdelrahman, A.M. Hassan, M.I. Amer    311
DOI:  10.28927/SR.423311

Bayesian Update of Load Capacity for a Large Steel Piling in a Stratified Soil Profile
J.A. Nietiedt, B.R. Danziger, M.S.S. Almeida    323
DOI:  10.28927/SR.423323

Shear Creep Properties of Weak Interlayer in Slope Based on Stationary Parameter Fractional Derivative Burgers Model
W.B. Ma, Z.G. Zhao, P. Li, Q. Liu, C.Q. Yang, J. Li, W.B. Luo    337
DOI:  10.28927/SR.423337


Prediction of Load-Settlement Curves by the DMT in an Unsaturated Tropical Soil Site
N.M. Silva, B.P. Rocha, H.L. Giacheti    351
DOI:  10.28927/SR.423351

Volume 42, N. 3 – complete issue (cover to cover)

Volume 42, N. 2, May-August 2019

Cover and Contents


Progressive Mapping and Urban Growth: The Construction of Urbanization Suitability Map of Pelotas-Southern Brazil
S.C. Xavier, L.A. Bressani    099
DOI:  10.28927/SR.422099

Soil Elastic Modulus Determined by Ultrasound Tests
W.S. Sarro, G.C.S. Ferreira    117
DOI:  10.28927/SR.422117

Geotechnical Behavior and Soil-Fiber Interaction of Clayey Soil Mixed with Randomly Dispersed Coconut Fibers
A.I. Oliveira Júnior, J.F.T. Jucá, J.A. Ferreira, L.C. Guilherme   127
DOI:  10.28927/SR.422127

Geological-Geotechnical Characterization of Slopes Belonging to the Serra do Mar Paranaense, Brazil
A.A.M. González, L.B. Passini, R.B. Boszczowski, A.C.M. Kormann, A.P. Fiori    139
DOI:  10.28927/SR.422139

Investigating the Differences between Various Deterministic Liquefaction Correlation Methods
E. El Kahi, M. Khouri    155
DOI:  10.28927/SR.422155

Soil Classification System from Cone Penetration Test Data Applying Distance-Based Machine Learning Algorithms
L.O. Carvalho, D.B. Ribeiro    167
DOI:  10.28927/SR.422167

An Alternative Method to Estimate the Effective Energy During Pile Driving Based on Set and Elastic Rebound Records
A. Querelli, F. Massad    179
DOI:  10.28927/SR.422179


Biodegradation of Biodiesel in Laboratory and Field in a Clayey Residual Soil
A. Thomé, A.W.S. Trentin, I. Cecchin, C. Reginato    193
DOI:  10.28927/SR.422193

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) relative density correlations for sands
C.J. MacRobert, G.S. Bernstein, M.M. Nchabeleng    201
DOI:  10.28927/SR.422201

Volume 42, N. 2 – complete issue (cover to cover)

Volume 42, N. 1, January-April 2019

Cover and Contents


Geomembrane as an Upstream Impermeable Blanket of Embankment Dams – Laboratory and Numerical Study
R.C. Pierozan, S.H.C. Teixeira, G.L.S. Araújo, C.A. Teixeira    003
DOI:  10.28927/SR.421003

Predicting the Shear Strength of Unfilled Rock Joints with the First-Order Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Approach
Y.M.P. Matos, S.A. Dantas Neto, G.A. Barreto    021
DOI:  10.28927/SR.421021

Analysis of the Physical-Mechanical Behavior of Clayey Sand Soil Improved with Coir Fiber
L.C.P. Menezes, D.B. Sousa, S. Fucale, S.R.M. Ferreira   031
DOI:  10.28927/SR.421031

Numerical Simulation of Vertical Pullout of Plate Anchors Embedded in Reinforced Sand
A.T. Siacara, L. Festugato    043
DOI:  10.28927/SR.421043

Obtaining the Mechanical Parameters for the Hardening Soil Model of Tropical Soils in the City of Brasília
J.F.R. Rebolledo, R.F.P. León, J. Camapum de Carvalho    061
DOI:  10.28927/SR.421061


Rockburst From Floors
S.S. Andreyko, T.A. Lyalina    077
DOI:  10.28927/SR.421077

Maximum Tensile Strength of Sand – Coal Fly Ash – Lime Blends for Varying Curing Period and Temperature
C. Silvani, M. Benetti, N.C. Consoli    083
DOI:  10.28927/SR.421083


Behavior of Geosynthetic-Encased Stone Columns in Soft Clay: Numerical and Analytical Evaluations
N.R. Alkhorshid, G.L.S. Araújo, E.M. Palmeira    093

Volume 42, N. 1 – complete issue (cover to cover)

Volume 41, N. 3, September-December 2018

Cover and Contents


Internal Erosion in Dams
L. Caldeira                            237
DOI:  10.28927/SR.413237


Some Case Histories with Lessons to Learn in Dam Engineering (2nd Dr. Victor de Mello Goa Lecture)
L.G.F.S. de Mello            267
DOI:  10.28927/SR.413267

A Method for Designing Finger Drains and Assessing Phreatic Lines for Dams
M.C.N. Araújo, T.F. de Souza Júnior, M.N.B.Trevizolli, C.A. Teixeira, S.H.C.Teixeira, V.P. Faro         309
DOI:  10.28927/SR.413309

Assessment of Rate Effects in Piezocone Tests from Poroelastic Cavity Expansion Analysis
G. Dienstmann, S. Maghous, F. Schnaid       319
DOI:  10.28927/SR.413319

Behavior of Geosynthetic-Encased Stone Columns in Soft Clay: Numerical and Analytical Evaluations
N.R. Alkhorshid, G.L.S. Araújo, E.M. Palmeira     333
DOI:  10.28927/SR.413333

On the Compatibility and Theoretical Equations for Mixtures of Tropical Soils and Bentonite for Barrier Purposes
T.L.C. Morandini, A.L. Leite         345
DOI:  10.28927/SR.413345


The Performance of a Sand Reinforced with Coconut Fibers Through Plate Load Tests on a True Scale Physical Model
J.M.G. Sotomayor, M.D.T. Casagrande     361
DOI:  10.28927/SR.413361

Porosity Changes of Compacted Soil Percolated with Acidic Leachate
E.P. Korf, P.D.M. Prietto, A.A. Silveira, C. Ulsen, L. Bragagnolo         369
DOI:  10.28927/SR.413369


Effects of Spatial Variability on Slope Reliability: A Hypothetical Case Study
E. Muñoz, M.P. Cordão Neto, A. Ochoa      381
DOI:  10.28927/SR.413381

Volume 41, N. 3 – complete issue (cover to cover)

Volume 41, N. 2, May-August 2018

Cover and Contents


Geotechnical Risk, Regulation, and Public Policy
N.R. Morgenstern               107
DOI:  10.28927/SR.412107


The Up-Hole Seismic Test Together with the SPT: Description of the System and Method
R.A.A. Pedrini, B.P. Rocha, H.L. Giacheti     133
DOI:  10.28927/SR.412133

Durability of RAP-Industrial Waste Mixtures Under Severe Climate Conditions
N.C. Consoli, H.C. Scheuermann Filho, V.B. Godoy, C.M. De Carli Rosenbach, J.A.H. Carraro     149
DOI:  10.28927/SR.412149

Effects of the Addition of Dihydrate Phosphogypsum on the Characterization and Mechanical Behavior of Lateritic Clay
M.M.A. Mascarenha, M.P. Cordão Neto, T.H.C. Matos, J.V.R. Chagas, L.R. Rezende     157
DOI:  10.28927/SR.412157

Stress-Strain Analysis of a Concrete Dam in Predominantly Anisotropic Residual Soil
M.F. Leão, M.P. Pacheco, B.R. Danziger     171
DOI:  10.28927/SR.412171

Assessment of the Stress History of Quaternary Clay from Piezocone Tests
E. Odebrecht, F. Schnaid      179
DOI:  10.28927/SR.412179


Heterogeneity Evaluation of Soil Engineering Properties Based on Kriging Interpolation Method. Case Study: North East of Iran, West of Mashhad
M. Etemadifar, N.S. Vaziri, I. Aghamolaie, N.H. Moghaddas, G. Lashkaripour    193
DOI:  10.28927/SR.412193

Case Study: Stability Assessment in Underground Excavations at Vazante Mine – Brazil
L.T. Figueiredo, A.P. Assis     203
DOI:  10.28927/SR.412203

A Case History with Combined Physical and Vacuum Preloading in Colombia
D.G. Yanez, F. Massad      217
DOI:  10.28927/SR.412217

Volume 41, N. 2 – complete issue (cover to cover)

Volume 41, N. 1, January-April 2018

Cover and Contents


Laboratory Parameters of a Soft Soil Deposit in Macaé, Brazil
L.M.M. Póvoa, P.N.C. Nascimento, P.C.A. Maia    003
DOI:  10.28927/SR.411003

A Contingency Solution using Jet Grouting Barrier
for a Dam under Risk of Piping in Brazil

S.M. Ludemann, R.S. Garcia, M.G.T. Barbosa, A.L.B. Cavalcante    017
DOI:  10.28927/SR.411017

One-Dimensional Consolidation Considering Viscous Soil
Behaviour and Water Compressibility – Viscoconsolidation

P.E.L. Santa Maria, F.C.M. Santa Maria   033
DOI:  10.28927/SR.411033

Interaction Factor Between Piles: Limits on Using the
Conventional Elastic Approach in Pile Group Analysis

M.M. Sales, T.S. Curado    049
DOI:  10.28927/SR.411049

Geotechnical Aspects of Weak Sandstone from Recife/Brazil
O.M. Oliveira, R. Bim, G.B. Nunes, R.A.R. Higashi    061
DOI:  10.28927/SR.411061

Maximum Envelope of Lateral Resistance through Dynamic
Increasing Energy Test in Piles

R.M. Valverde, F. Massad    075
DOI:  10.28927/SR.411075


Importance of the Excavation Level on the Prediction of the
Settlement Pattern from Piled Raft Analyses

R.P. Cunha, H.G. Poulos    091
DOI:  10.28927/SR.411091


Rainfall Effects on Pore Pressure Changes in a Coastal Slope of the Serra do Mar in Santa Catarina
A.A.M. González, L.B. Passini, A.C.M. Kormann    103

Volume 41, N. 1 – complete issue (cover to cover)

Volume 40, N. 3, September-December 2017

Cover and Contents


Stress History of Soils from Cone Penetration Tests
P.W. Mayne    203
DOI:  10.28927/SR.403203


Stabilised Soil Layers Enhancing Performance of Transverse-Loaded Flexible Piles on Lightly Bonded Residual Soils
N.C. Consoli, V.P. Faro, F. Schnaid, R.B. Born    219
DOI:  10.28927/SR.403219

Anchored Retaining Walls in Granite Residual Soils I – Parametric Study
N. Raposo, A.T. Gomes, M.M. Fernandes    229
DOI:  10.28927/SR.403229

Anchored Retaining Walls in Granite Residual Soils II. A Method for Preliminary Design
N. Raposo, A.T. Gomes, M.M. Fernandes   243
DOI:  10.28927/SR.403243

Influence of Traverse Velocity and Pump Pressure on the Efficiency
of Abrasive Waterjet for Rock Cutting
P.B. Arab, T.B. Celestino    255
DOI:  10.28927/SR.403255

Rainfall Effects on Pore Pressure Changes in a Coastal Slope of the Serra do Mar in Santa Catarina
A.A.M. González, L.B. Passini, A.C.M. Kormann    263
DOI:  10.28927/SR.403263

Development of a Cyclic Simple Shear Apparatus
M.B. Corte, L. Festugato, N.C. Consoli    279
DOI:  10.28927/SR.403279

The Undrained Strength of Soft Clays Determined from Unconventional and Conventional Tests
S.G.F.P. Lemos, P.J.M. Pires    291
DOI:  10.28927/SR.403291

Volume 40, N. 3 – complete issue (cover to cover)

Volume 40, N. 2, May-August 2017

Cover and Contents


Energy Ratio (ER) for the Standard Penetration Test Based on Measured Field Tests
J.A. Lukiantchuki, G.P. Bernardes, E.R. Esquivel    77
DOI:  10.28927/SR.402077

Resistivity Piezocone in the Conceptual Site Model Definition
M.T. Riyis, H.L. Giacheti    93
DOI:  10.28927/SR.402093

Behavioral Evaluation of Small-Diameter Defective and Intact Bored Piles Subjected to Axial Compression
P.J.R. Albuquerque, J.R. Garcia, O. Freitas Neto, R.P. Cunha, O.F. Santos Junior    109
DOI:  10.28927/SR.402109

Deterioration Characteristic of Mudstone Due to Freeze-Thaw Action
Using Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy

J.C. Hu, H.F. Wang, J. Zhao    123
DOI:  10.28927/SR.402123

Influence of the Embedded Length on the Overall Stability of Single Anchored Retaining Walls
C.M. Santos Josefino, N.M.C. Guerra, A.N. Antão    133
DOI:  10.28927/SR.402133

A Sole Empirical Correlation Expressing Strength of Fine-Grained Soils – Lime Mixtures
N.C. Consoli, E. Ibraim, A. Diambra, L. Festugato, S.F.V. Marques    147
DOI:  10.28927/SR.402147

On the Durability and Strength of Compacted Coal Fly Ash-Carbide Lime Blends
N.C. Consoli, R.B. Saldanha, J.F. Novaes, H.C. Scheuermann Filho    155
DOI:  10.28927/SR.402155


Seepage Induced Consolidation Model Correlation with Index Properties
M. Janbaz, A. Maher, S. Janbaz    165
DOI:  10.28927/SR.402165


Behavior of Reinjectable and Prestressed Anchors in Soil Masses:
Construction Case Study in Congonhas – Brazil

T.B. Porto, A.C.A. Torres, R.C. Gomes    177
DOI:  10.28927/SR.402177

Three-Dimensional Geostatistical Estimation of Soil Units: A Case Study From Capitão Pocinho, Pará, Brazil
J.C.B. Queiroz, T.O. Vieira, P.P. Araujo, F.A. Matos, M.M. Amin, C.W. Salame    187
DOI:  10.28927/SR.402187


An Evaluation of the Shaft Resistance of Piles Embedded in Gneissic Rock
E.L. Juvencio, F.R. Lopes, A.L.L.S. Nunes    197

Volume 40, N. 2 – complete issue (cover to cover)

Volume 40, N. 1, January-April 2017

Cover and Contents


A Microstructural Cam Clay Model for Hydro-Mechanical Behavior of Unsaturated Soils
M.P. Cordão Neto, B.C.F.L. Lopes, M.M.A. Mascarenha, E. Romero    3

Pile Setup over a Period of Seven Years Based on Dynamic Load Tests in Overconsolidated Clay
L.B. Passini, L.B. Benetti, A.C.M. Kormann    17

Study of the Shear Strength of a Tropical Soil with Grass Roots
M.I. Miranda Neto, C.F. Mahler    31

Cavity Expansion Analysis to Predict Side Shear Set-Up in Clayey Soils
P.C.R. Silva, F. Massad    39

Statistical Modeling of Municipal Solid Waste Settlement from a Lysimeter
C.L. Araújo Neto, B.M.A. Nóbrega, R.B.A. Sousa, M.C. Melo, W. Paiva, V.E.D. Monteiro    51

An Evaluation of the Shaft Resistance of Piles Embedded in Gneissic Rock
E.L. Juvencio, F.R. Lopes, A.L.L.S. Nunes    61

Volume 40, N. 1 – complete issue (cover to cover)

Volume 39, N. 3, September-December 2016

Cover and Contents


Leakage Control using Geomembrane Liners
J.P. Giroud     213


Shear Strength of Tropical Soils and Bentonite Mixtures for Barrier Design
T.L.C. Morandini, A.L. Leite    239

Electrokinetic Remediation of Tropical Soils: Effect of the Electric Potential Difference
R.Z. Velten, D.C. Lima, M.P.F. Fontes, C.A.B. Carvalho     249

Use of Parallel-Seismic and Induction-Logging Tests for Foundation Depth Evaluation Under Difficult Conditions, a Root-Pile Foundation Embedded in Rock
T.J. Souza, P.S. Hemsi, O.C.B. Gandolfo, P.C. Aoki, A.F. Ribeiro     261

Shear Strength and Stiffness Degradation of Geomaterials in Cyclic Loading
R. Pytlik, S. Van Baars     273

Determining the Elastic Deformation Modulus From a Compacted Earth Embankment Via Laboratory and Ménard Pressuremeter Tests
R.R. Angelim, R.P. Cunha, M.M. Sales     285

Field Permeability Tests Using Organic Liquids in Compacted Brazilian Soils
S.L. Machado, Z.S. Carvalho, M.F. Carvalho, D.F. Mariz     301


The Effect of Not Fully Grouted Rock Bolts on the Performance of Rock Mass
H. Xu, Y.C. Zhao,W.K. Bu     317

Hydraulic and Diffusive Behavior of a Compacted Cemented Soil
E.P. Korf, P.D.M. Prietto, N.C. Consoli     325

Assessing the Potential Improvement of Fine-grained Clayey Soils by Plastic Wastes
H. Soltani-Jigheh, A. Rasulifard     333


On the Interpretation of Bidirectional Loading Tests
F. Massad     343

Volume 39, N. 3 – complete issue (cover to cover)

Volume 39, N. 2, May-August 2016

Cover and Contents


Sustainability and Innovation in Geotechnics: Contributions from Geosynthetics
E.M. Palmeira     113


A Case of Study About the Influence of Organic Matter in Municipal Solid Waste Settlement
M.C. Melo, R.M.S. Farias, R.M. Caribé, R.B.A. Sousa, V.E.D. Monteiro     139

Supporting Mechanism and Effect of Artificial Pillars in a Deep Metal Mine
Z. Kang, Z. Hongyu, Z. Junping,W. Xiaojun, Z. Kui     149

Influence of the Test Specimen Diameter on the Measurement of Electrical Resistivity in Sands by Using Laboratory Devices
M.C. Pregnolato, H.L. Giacheti, A.S.P. Peixoto     157

Kinematic Assessment of Multi-Face Round Slopes Using Hemispherical Projection Methods (HPM)
L. Jordá-Bordehore, R. Jordá-Bordehore, P.L. Romero-Crespo     167

Data Extrapolation Method for The Dynamic Increasing Energy Test: SEM-CASE
E.C. Alves, M.M. Sales, P.M.F. Viana     177

Geotechnical Parameters for the Variegated Soils of São Paulo Formation
M. Caldo, F. Massad     189


Mechanical Behavior of Basaltic Rocks from Serra Geral Formation Used as Road Material in Santa Catarina State, Brazil
A.C.R. Guimarães, L.M.G. Motta, M.L.A. Arêdes     203

Volume 39, N. 2 – complete issue (cover to cover)

Volume 39, N. 1, January-April 2016

Cover and Contents


State Variables in Saturated-Unsaturated Soil Mechanics
D.G. Fredlund     3

Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Horizontal Stress Changes and Soil Collapse During Chemical Dissolution in a Modified Oedometer Cell
C. Lins, N. Silva, L. Guimarães, A. Lima, I. Gomes     19

Alternative Method for Analysing Hydromechanical Behaviour of Unsaturated Soils
M.M.A. Mascarenha, M.P. Cordão Neto, M.T.M.G. Silva     29

Recent Developments and Limitations of the SFG Model
D. Sheng     41

Effectiveness of Capillary Barrier and Vegetative Slope Covers in Maintaining Soil Suction
H. Rahardjo, S. Krisnanto, E.C. Leong     51

Influence of Poisson’s Ratio on the Stress vs. Settlement Behavior of Shallow Foundations in Unsaturated Fine-Grained Soils
W.T. Oh, S.K. Vanapalli     71

Statistical Assessment of Hydraulic Properties of Unsaturated Soils
G.F.N. Gitirana Jr., D.G. Fredlund     81

Numerical Modeling of Unsaturated Soils Problems
M.D. Fredlund     97

Volume 39, N. 1 – complete issue (cover to cover)

Volume 38, N. 3, September-December 2015

Cover and Contents


New Developments in the Control and Prediction of the Movements Induced by Deep Excavations in Soft Soils
M.M. Fernandes     191


Use of Sugarcane Bagasse as Carbon Substrate in Permeable Reactive Barriers: Laboratory Batch Tests and Mathematical Modeling
R.C. Mattos, P.S. Hemsi, E.Y. Kawachi, F.T. Silva     219

Apparent Pressures on Multi-Propped Retaining Walls in Soils Under Drained Conditions with Shallow Water Table
L. Andrade Viana, N.M. da Costa Guerra     231

On the Interpretation of the Bidirectional Static Load Test
F. Massad     249


Revisiting Classical Methods to Identify Collapsible Soils
O.M. Vilar, R.A. Rodrigues     265

Volume 38, N. 3 – complete issue (cover to cover)

Volume 38, N. 2, May-August 2015

Cover and Contents


Emerging Trends in Geotechnical Engineering
A.S.Cardoso     95


Climatic Effects on In-Situ Soil State Profiles Considering a Coupled Soil-Atmosphere Interaction Model
K.V. Bicalho, G.P.D. Vivacqua, Y.-J. Cui, C. Romanel     121

Laboratory Evaluation of Electrokinetic Dewatering of Bauxite Tailings
L. De Leon Ferreira, R.C. Gomes     135

Experimental Investigation of Soil-Atmosphere Interaction in an Instrumented Embankment Constructed with Two Treated Clays
K.V. Bicalho, G.P.D. Vivacqua, Y.-J. Cui, M. Froumentin, D. Mercadier, A.M. Tang     149

Static Load Tests in an Instrumented Rock Socket Barrette Pile
Musarra, F. Massad     163


Experimental Research on the Impact of Confining Pressure on the Permeability Characteristics of Non-Darcy Flow in Post-failure Rocks
Xu, Y. Zhao, W. Bu     181

Volume 38, N. 2 – complete issue (cover to cover)

Volume 38, N. 1, January-April 2015

Cover and Contents


K0 Measurement in a Sand Using Back Volume Change
T. Santana, M. Candeias    3

Influence of Physicochemical Interactions on the Mechanical Behavior
of Tropical Residual Gneiss Soils
M.M. Futai, W.A. Lacerda, A.P.S. Martins    9

Critical Rainfall Parameters: Proposed Landslide Warning System
for the Metropolitan Region of Recife, PE, Brazil
A.P.N. Bandeira, R.Q. Coutinho    27

Influence of Soil Cracking on the Soil-Water Characteristic Curve of Clay Soil
M.M. Abbaszadeh, S.L. Houston, C.E. Zapata    49

Feasibility of Laser Scanning to Determine Volumetric Properties of Fine Grained Soils
I. Falcon-Suarez, F. Sanchez-Tembleque, J.M. Rivera-Sar, R. Juncosa-Rivera, J. Delgado-Martin    59

A Case of 3-D Small Pile Group Modeling in Stiff Clay Under Vertical Loading
A.C. Freitas, B.R. Danziger, M.P. Pacheco    67

Precipitation Influence on the Distribution of Pore Pressure and Suction on a Coastal Hillside
L.P. Sestrem, A.C.M. Kormann, F.A.M. Marinho, J.H.F. Pretto    81

Volume 38, N. 1 – complete issue (cover to cover)


Volume 37, N. 3, September-December 2014

Special Issue: In Situ Testing for Ground Characterization

Guest-editors: Roberto Quental Coutinho – Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil
António Viana da Fonseca – University of Porto, Portugal


Examination of the Potential of the Seismic Dilatometer (SDMT) to Estimate In Situ Stiffness Decay Curves in Various Soil Types
S. Amoroso, P. Monaco, B.M. Lehane, D. Marchetti   177

An Approach to Derive Strength Parameters of Residual Soils from DMT Results
N. Cruz, C. Rodrigues, A. Viana da Fonseca   195

A View of Pressuremeter Testing in North America
J. Benoît, J.A. Howie   211

Penetration Rate Effects on Cone Resistance: Insights From Calibration Chamber and Field Testing
R. Salgado, M. Prezzi   233

Energy Measurement in the Brazilian SPT System
C.M. Santana, F.A.B. Danziger, B.R. Danziger   243

Geotechnical Characterization of Suape Soft Clays, Brazil
R.Q. Coutinho, M.I.M.C.V. Bello   257

On the Characterization and Classification of Bauxite Tailings
F. Schnaid, H.P. Nierwinski, J. Bedin, E. Odebrecht   277

Volume 37, n. 3 – complete issue


Volume 37, N. 2, May-August 2014


Lessons From The Lives of Two Dams
J.K. Mitchell     99


Theoretical and Experimental Studies on the Resilience of Driven Piles
Faiçal Massad     113

Suggested Methodology for Rehabilitation of Ancient Masonry Castles and Forts on Rock Hills
A. Viana da Fonseca, L. Ribeiro e Sousa, A. Arêde, J. Guedes, E. Paupério, K. Karam, A. Costa,
J.E.Q. Menezes     133

Influence of the Fibre Component of Soft Plastic on Shear Strength Parameters of Pre-Treated Municipal Solid Waste
A.V.A. Borgatto, C.F. Mahler, K. Münnich, A.D. Webler     151


Impacts on the Groundwater Quality Within a Cemetery Area in Southeast Brazil
A.G. Fineza, E.A.G. Marques, R.K.X. Bastos, L.S. Betim     161

The Influence of Cement Content and Water to Cement Ratio on Capillary Absorption of Root-Pile Mortars
E. Laister, P.J.R. Albuquerque, G. Camarini, D. Carvalho     171

Volume 37, n. 2 – complete issue

Volume 37, N. 1, January-April 2014


Fracture Mechanics and Rockfill Dams
Eduardo E. Alonso 3


Tunnel Face Reinforcement by Bolting – Numerical Modelling of Centrifuge Tests
J.P. Janin, D. Dias 39

Analysis of Chemical Mobility of Leachate Contaminants in Gneiss Saprolite of Belo Horizonte Solid Waste Landfill (CTRS BR 040), South-Eastern Brazil
Q.C.G. Ferreira, L.A.P. Bacellar 51

Proposal of an Energy Comparison System in the SPT
G.W. Barreto, J.C.A. Cintra, N. Aoki 61

Investigations on Gas Flow in Cracked Granite Samples
M.C. He, C.G.Wang, J.L. Feng, L.R. Sousa 73

Field Survey of Compressibility of Municipal Solid Waste
A.G.P. van Elk, L.M.S. Mañas, M.E.G. Boscov 85

Volume 37, n. 1 – complete issue

Volume 36, N. 3, September-December 2013

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Volume 36, N. 1, January-April 2013

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Volume 35, N. 3, September-December 2012

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Volume 34, N. 4, December 2011

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Volume 34, N. 3, September-December 2011

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Volume 34, N. 2, May-August 2011

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Volume 34, N. 1, January-April 2011

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